Facebook Fridays: Which One Is Really Man’s Best Friend?

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“Man’s best friend, and a pretty awesome looking dog, too. (Photo courtesy of fan Glenn M.)”

Clever, right?

We thought so, which is why we’re sharing the post from Corvette’s official FB page as our Facebook Fridays pick of the week.

Ah, c’mon, even if you are a huge animal lover and would never, ever compare a car to a pet, you have to admit that there are some similarities between a Corvette and a dog. No? Well, consider these points.

1) They both tend to respond a lot better when shown attention and proper care taking.

2) Loyalty has long been a part of their core DNA.

3) Regardless of the breed or model, dogs and Corvettes seem to always give their owners a sense of pride.

4) If agitated by an undesirable stranger, both a ‘Vette and a dog have been known to have a pretty vicious bite.

Of course, there are certainly some unique and special feelings you can only get from having a dog. But then again, I guess the same thing can be said about owning a Corvette.

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