Facebook Fridays: Orange C7 Corvette Shot Leaves Us Breathless

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How’s this for a hero shot? We stumbled on this week’s Facebook Fridays photo at High Tech Corvette, and it sure is one hot looking shot of the C7.

So much so that the pic has racked up 17,146 likes since being posted July 15, which makes this one popular photo among Corvette fans on social media. It certainly has me rethinking my opinion on the idea of going with an orange Stingray. And that says a lot, considering I’m usually drawn to the C7  in some of the more subtle colors, like silver or all-black.

Apparently, the Corvette is huge in Houston, judging from the caption: “One of the most well-known Corvettes in all of Houston.” One look at that shot, and you certainly can understand why. In fact, about the only thing not to like about this week’s Facebook Fridays is that there aren’t more photos of this hot, hot Corvette.

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