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Facebook Fridays: Vintage Corvette Photo Speaks to America’s 64-Year Love Affair with Chevy Sports Car

Hard to believe, but it’s been some 64 years since Chevrolet first revealed the Corvette.

In fact, the beloved American sports car recently celebrated its 1953 reveal on January 17, which is what prompted this week’s Facebook Fridays post.

It’s pretty interesting when you consider all the things that have changed with the Corvette since the very first model hit the road and began capturing the hearts of America. From those circular taillights to square taillights. From that first 150-horsepower 3.9-liter to the 650-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 that powers today’s C7 Z06. Yep, the ‘Vette has undergone quite a transition over the past six decades.

Cleiton Uliana

A lot of those changes, and also plenty of personal connections to the Corvette, are expressed in the nearly 100 comments posted in response to the pic above, which was initially shared on the official Corvette Facebook page.

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There’s a comment and photo posted by Britton Braswell noting that he just got his dad’s ’55 Corvette. It had been parked since ’73. But now it’s back up and running again!

Cleiton Uliana also shared the photo to the right, of him sitting on the hood of a red C7. He professes his Corvette passion with the comment, “64 YEARS OF (eternal) LOVE.”

Doesn’t that just sum up America’s longstanding ties to the Chevy sports car? And judging from the rest of the comments, it’s safe to say the Corvette is as beloved now as it was back in 1953.

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