Facebook Fridays: Perfect Combo

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LS Nationals always brings out the best in Corvette and this year is revving up to be no different.

Hey, if you’re a Corvette owner attending the LS Nationals in Baytown, Texas, you might as well make a statement, right?

The annual event has become one of the best showcases around for hot Corvette owners and fans alike. That said, we sincerely doubt there will be many at the LS Nationals topping the breathtaking beauty that we’ve decided to highlight as our Facebook Fridays post of the week.

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There’s just something about how that color combo accents the lines on the C7 and makes you think, “the seventh-gen Corvette really could be the hottest looking model Chevy has ever built.”

Sure, we’ve said that quite a few times here at CorvetteForum, but this pic definitely proves the point. In fact, the Facebook page of On D Gas, LLC (where we stumbled on the photo) probably put it best in their photo caption, which reads, “An Abundance of C7’s will be present July 15th! This might be the best looking one.”

A bit biased? Maybe, but it’s hard to dispute how stunning this Z06 looks glistening under those lights as if it’s eagerly awaiting the opportunity for a little show and tell at the LS Nationals.

The On D Gas photo is also a vivid reminder that there really aren’t any bad angles on the C7, something that we’ve consistently maintained at CorvetteForum as well.

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