Facebook Fridays Photo Reminds Us of the Beauty of Fall

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When the leaves start falling, it’s a sign that the days of dry pavement will soon be coming to an end for a lot of Corvette owners.

However, this week’s Facebook Fridays photo (posted by CJ Liu on the official Corvette FB page) brings that idea to life in a way that just about everyone can appreciate. Although, it’s the things that signal spring is on the horizon that Corvette owners tend to cherish most.

Oh, we know, those of you in places like SoCal are fortunate to have great weather year-round. But most Corvette owners who live in areas like the Great Lakes tend to store their cars December through March.

So, with that in mind, we want to thank CJ Liu for providing us with this breathtaking reminder of why these last few weeks of the year are so treasured by Corvette owners.

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