Facebook Fridays: Post-Apocalyptic C7 Corvette

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This Week’s Facebook Friday Corvette Could Land a Starring Role in the Next ‘Mad Max’ Movie

We aren’t sure if the team putting together the next installment of Mad Max has locked down all the vehicles for the new film. But if we had a say in the matter, this C7 would definitely be in the line-up.

Badass, right? And we love the red side mirror, which gives it a slight rat-rod look.

Initially posted to Facebook by Brian Breitenbecker, this custom Corvette creation seems like a perfect fit for Max Rockatansky, aka Mad Max (played by Tom Hardy in the 2015 Fury Road installment of the franchise, and Mel Gibson before that).

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Yep, we can see it now, Max piloting the ‘Vette in some insane midnight chase scene, drifting through a pack of vagabonds giving chase in some beefed-up four-wheelers.

Perhaps there might still be time to lobby for the car to have a role in the film, given a report by CinemaBlend that suggests the next Mad Max won’t he happening anytime soon.

Okay, so maybe we are getting a bit sidetracked here. Although, you have to admit, this Facebook Fridays photo lends itself to that kind of backstory. Of course, we imagine that most here would settle for a little wheel time in this ‘Vette on a lonely desert road, preferably with no cameras around.

Breitenbecker’s post doesn’t include any specs on the car. But we sincerely doubt if the sinister look and massive rear wing are just for entertaining gawkers at a city stoplight.

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