Facebook Fridays: Reveling in a Love for C3s

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Need a break from all the rave over the C7 Corvette? Then I’m sure you can appreciate this week’s Facebook Fridays photo collection.

Pulled from High Tech Corvette’s FB page, the pic features not one, not two, but three hot models of the popular C3 Corvette. My guess is that even if you don’t like ’em all, there’s a least one of these C3s that that you wouldn’t mind having in your garage, if not all of them. Either way, it’s clear the photo has definitely struck a chord, considering that after being posted just yesterday, the pic has already racked up nearly 20,000 likes and 2,000 shares.

Below are just a few of the comments on the pic that speak to the passion for C3s:

Erik Pierce – “I don’t think Chevy will ever make a body style as curvy as the C3’s. Best body style ever.”

Jen Nie – “There is no facial expression for this kind of beauty”

Ed Jacobs – “I do love C3s owned the same one since 1996”

Rob Biondo – “Love em all!”

Coleen Appiahene – “My favorite body. So sexy.”

Joann Mann – “OMG nice”

Nice indeed. What do you think, does the C3 have the best body style ever?

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