Facebook Fridays: Say Hello to a C7 Corvette Named Kitt

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There’s a great sense of pride that comes with adding those special touches to your Corvette.

Just ask Auston Groth, owner of this beautifully modded C7 that he calls “Kitt.” Groth recently shared some choice photos of Kitt on his Facebook page, so choice, in fact, that we felt Kitt was well deserving of exposure here on Corvette Forum, as well.

“It’s been a process over the year I have had her now but she is finally the way I wanted her,” writes Groth in response to a commenter praising the car.

Even Corvette’s official Facebook page has taken notice of what Groth has done with his Corvette. “We like what you’ve done, Auston,” they commented. But it’s Groth’s response that C7 fans will probably appreciate most.

“The dream of owning her gets better every day! Thank you again for making the baddest sexiest car on the planet!”

You certainly won’t get any arguments here on that one, Auston, the C7 is certainly one sexy, badass machine.

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