Facebook Fridays: If This Corvette Doesn’t Get You Hot, Nothing Will

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I can’t imagine being caught in the rearview mirror of this Corvette.

As a matter of fact, I sincerely doubt that anyone in their right mind would want to be within 20 feet of this fire-breathing monster when it gets revved up on a racetrack. So, hats off to whoever braved the heat to take this photo.

Even if they used a good long lens on that camera to shoot the picture, it still took some courage, given the potential danger of any car kicking out that kind of heat.

In fact, we thought that alone made this Corvette Society pic worthy of a Corvette Forum
Facebook Fridays post. Then there’s also the fact that in the three days since the photo that was originally posted, — with the tag, “Some firebreathing Vette for your daily motivation” — it has already garnered nearly 800 responses and been shared close to 300 times.

The best comment came from Pat Lawrence though, who wrote “Flames are one of my things!! thanks 4 the push.”

Thanks indeed!

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Via [Corvette Society]

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