Facebook Fridays: Corvette Plus Yosemite Equals True American Beauty

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stingray half dome

Here’s one of those great memorable moments that a Corvette can really contribute to. And they just don’t get much better than this, right?

The pic above, which we’ve selected for this week’s Facebook Fridays photo, would actually make a great poster representing the spirit of American pride that’s often associated with the Corvette.

Posted on Corvette’s official FB page, we assume that the photo was taken somewhere in California, based on the C7’s license plate, presumably in Yosemite while overlooking Half Dome.

Then again, the picture could have been snapped at a few places, given some of the breathtaking roads that stretch across the U.S., all of which make great settings for the Corvette. Take some of those amazing roads you can find in places like Colorado, Arizona, and Utah, for example.

Regardless, one thing’s for certain – this is one shot that’s more than deserving of a Facebook Friday post here at Corvette Forum, as well as any other site that appreciates American beauty.

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