Facebook Fridays: Let’s Celebrate Those Who Build Corvettes

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There’s no question that the passion for Corvettes runs deep in America. The following we’ve garnered here at Corvette Forum over the years in covering the American nameplate speaks to that fact. But one of the things that tends to get overlooked in our coverage of the Corvette are the women and men who spend countless hours on the assembly line building the American icon.

After all, without the dedication of hard-working people at facilities like the plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Corvette would never be able to live up to those initial renderings and sketches that tend to spark the initial interest in the cars.

In short, a great automobile isn’t made during the initial design phase of a vehicle. Nope, a truly great production car comes to life on the assembly line during the actual build process.

That’s why for this Facebook Fridays post, we’ve decided to share a post from Corvette’s official Facebook page, thanking the amazing people who help to build the great American sports car.

Thanks indeed! What would we do without you?

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