Facebook Fridays: Doesn’t This Corvette Just Make You Smile?

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Just look at her, in all her glory.

You know, sometimes I think we miss the natural beauty of something as spectacular as a red Corvette parked at home, glowing under the sunlight. The race to set up that so-called “perfect” photo to post on social media seems to have taken away from those special moments.

But every now and then, amid all the filtered and high-gloss pics we spend all that time trying to perfect, a more authentic one shines through. This week’s Facebook Fridays, pulled form High Tech Corvette’s official FB page, is one on those kind of photos.

Yup, this is one of those pics that makes you really appreciate the true beauty of a Corvette. And while the headline for the post — “Liiittle reeed Corvette!!! — has driven most fans to make comments about the iconic Prince song, the photo really speaks to so much more.

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