Faceplated Transmission Prove Its Worth for Leroy the Corvette

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Consistency is key for a quick pass, and Leroy’s new transmission hardware allows lightning quick gear changes.

Of all the things done to Leroy, the salvage-title Corvette turned record breaker, faceplated gears is probably the most significant upgrade aside from the engine itself. After upgrading a number of components in the drivetrain, consistent shifts became quite difficult. After taking a loss to a turbocharged Civic, it was time to get the shifting taken car of, but staying true to a T56 stick shift racer.

For testing purposes with the new transmission and new axles, boost was cranked way down. Hard launches weren’t needed either, because the only real thing that needed testing was the gears. Even so, a few super consistent passes was all that was needed before Cleetus McFarland declared his endless love for the new faceplated gears. Shifts between gears were smooth and fast, with each next gear being precise and positive.

Faceplated gears C5

Launches could have been harder, however. Due to the planned demolition drag racing later on in the event, it was decided that a full prep wasn’t worth while for the few test passes. It also explains why boost wasn’t cranked up further as well. But for a few test passes, it was not an issue. Regardless, some solid times were laid down, and that’s even after McFarland had discovered the intercooler sprayers weren’t turned on causing a slight increase in intake temperatures.

In the near future we can expect a few better runs with higher levels of track prep, and with the engine making more power. With each mod bringing a quicker 1/4 mile time, we can only venture to guess what kind of passes McFarland will put down with this nearly complete package. Place your bets now, because his next event is coming up soon.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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