Are Fake Z06s Hot or Not?

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Ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to once again approach the poll subject of car customization and the Chevrolet Corvette. For today’s poll, we look at C5 owners with the fixed roof coupe who add pieces, vents, and badging to create a faux C5 Z06, as noted in a thread started by Wheelman-. Are they hot? or not?

On one hand, it seem disingenuous and silly to add fake, inoperable pieces to a car simply to make it look like something faster and more expensive. In some ways it devalues the actual FRC Z06, it can affect buyer’s trust when looking at cars to purchase online, and it seems unfair to those with the financial means to own a real Z06.

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But let’s look at the other side of the argument for a second as well. The FRC was designed to be a bargain Corvette with cloth seats and downgraded materials so that Corvette could increase sales. It was only after the C5 became a massive sales hit that Chevy canned the cheap Corvette idea. Since the FRC was the lightest and stiffest chassis the team had, it made sense to use it as the base for the performance variant.

So in many ways, the actual Z06 cars are just normal FRCs that Chevy took, slapped vents and badges on, then they fiddled with the engine a bit. If you don’t believe me, check out the handy drive-along with Tadge Juechter video below that Car and Driver did. (Big props to member mackey for posting it in the thread so I didn’t have to go search for it.)

Yes, I can see why Z06 owners would get upset about fake Z06 cars running around with stick-on vents and fake badging. Then again, the Z06 looks amazing and I would want that same look as well. In that sense, I approve of the fake extras. Hell, Chevy did it to start with, and I mean, at least they aren’t doing this. Feel free to use the Poll below to voice your opinion a bit more clearly.

Are fake Z06 additions ok?

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via [Car and Driver Magazine]

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