Famed Pink Corvette Owner’s True Identity Revealed

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The Hollywood Reporter confirms true identity of the mysterious Angelyne.

If you’re Corvette fan living in Los Angeles, you’re probably familiar with the story of L.A. billboard legend Angelyne.

She’s arguably the most famous Corvette owner in Hollywood. Well, pink Corvette owner, anyway. In fact, we’ve covered her a few times at Corvette Forum. But for years, Angelyne’s true identity has been a mystery. Most stories about her center on being a pop culture icon or sightings behind the wheel of her pink Corvettes.

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Recently, a report written by The Hollywood Reporter centers on a genealogist who dug up the true identity of Angelyne. According to the source, the Corvette fan’s real name is Renee Tami Goldberg, the daughter of Holocaust survivors.

Seeking to verify the claims, The Hollywood Reporter kept looking, finding plenty of interesting tidbits. Like the fact that she used to be married to the heir of a Beverly Hills dynasty that earned their wealth from the changeable reader board on movie theater marquees.

The story is a compelling look into the life of Angelyne and her rise to fame in Hollywood. Today, she sells merchandise and trinkets out of her pink Corvette Z06, one of the many models she’s owned over the years.

The THR story doesn’t offer much insight on how Angeylne developed her obsession with pink Corvettes, but the car seems perfectly fitting for the kind of life she leads in Hollywood.

We’ve also pulled together a gallery of photos that capture Angelyne and her Corvette over the years. It’s easy to see why she’s captivated the interest of so many people in Hollywood.

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