26 Years Later, Family Surprises Man With His Old ’77 Corvette

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These stories just never get old to me. For a true Corvette fan, I just can’t think of anything more moving  than seeing someone being reunited with their car after years of being separated. It’s the kind of stuff that really shows the longing passion for Corvettes, which has become such an important part of the car’s DNA.

Take, for example, the story of Rich Tipton, who broke out in tears after being reunited with his ‘77 Corvette after 26 years apart. The Michigan native had to sell the car back in 1989, out of a need for a more family oriented vehicle for his three young children, according to the M Live Michigan report.

Little did Tipton know at the time that more than a quarter of a century later, his kids would wind up buying back the same Corvette to surprise him with an early 70th birthday present.

“It’s totally worth it to see the reaction. He does not do those things for himself. He just says he doesn’t need it… We just wanted to do it for him. He deserved it,” said Tipton’s daughter, Molly. “I’ve only seen my dad cry, like, once before.”

Get those tissues, folks. As you can see in the video below, this one here is a real tearjerker.

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Via [M Live Michigan]

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