Fan Still Revels in Finally Landing His Dream ’78 Corvette

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The 25th Anniversary model year Corvette remains a fan favorite.

President Woodrow T. Wilson once said: “All things come to him who waits – provided he knows what he is waiting for.”

That’s fitting for the story of Mike Sherman and his Corvette Red 1978 C3. Mike always longed to own a red ’78 ‘Vette. And in 2014, he was able to make his dream come true, as detailed in a report.

The appeal is rooted in the C3’s Mako Shark design, he says. No surprise there, right? The third-gen Corvette has iconic styling cues make it a popular pick for fans. But what might come as a revelation is the fact that Corvette Red wasn’t a popular color in 1978, which was the 25th anniversary of Chevy’s sports car.

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In fact, for 1978, Corvette Red ranked near the bottom of the list in terms of popularity, coming in 8th out of an available twelve colors offered. But the 1978 model itself was the the second best-selling Corvette to date. The ’77 model outsold the ’78 by just 2,431 cars.

Despite peak popularity in the late ’70s, Mike came across his rare Corvette online.

“I looked at over 100 cars online, but I liked this one,” he says. The car needed a few upgrades but ultimately won Mike over.

These days, you’ll likely find Mike driving his Corvette Red ’78 C3, smiling back at all the people admiring his car. And we suspect that he’d agree that this dream was well worth the wait.

You can check out more photos of Mike’s dream car in the full Syracuse report here.

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