One of the Fastest C6 Corvette Track Cars in SoCal is for Sale

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C6 Corvette Z06 Track Car Front Corner

Corvette Z06 weighs 2,660 pounds, packs 625 horsepower and features a high performance suspension setup.

While the C6 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 comes from the factory ready to storm around a road course, there is plenty of room via the aftermarket. The problem is deciding which components to upgrade and which companies to use when buying those upgrades, especially for a novice racer who has never built a track car before. Of course, that novice can buy a track car that has already been built, but how does he or she know that it has been built correctly?

Fortunately, “about2throwup” posted a C6 Corvette Z06 track car for sale on the forum and in addition to the modification list and pictures, the OP included track videos with lap times that prove that it is built to perform.

C6 Corvette Z06 On Track

The Introduction

When the OP listed his wicked C6 Corvette Z06 track car for sale, he provided the following information on the car.

Corvette C6 Z06 2006 – Track / Street Legal Clean title – One of the Fastest Track Cars in SoCal

2006 Corvette C6 Z06

Set for race but still street legal – one of the fastest C6zs in SoCal (1:45 – Auto Club Speedway, 1:51 Buttonwillow)

– 625 Hp American Heritage Forged LS7 motor (545 wheel hp) w/ 6500 miles since install
– APR aero kit – wing, lip, splitter with braces
LG GT2 adjustable coilovers
– AutoPower Roll Bar
Sparco Race Seat
– Quick Release Steering Wheel
– TrackSpec Hood Vents
– RHR Canards
– Front & Rear Tow Hooks
– Fire extinguisher
– Clean title, street legal
– Recent smog, still has cats (no mufflers)
– 2660 lbs without driver
– 2 Sets Stock Wheels – street & slicks set
– K&N Intake
– Aviaid Oil Baffle (needed for AutoClub Speedway banking)
– Oil Changed ever other track day
– Fluids changed regularly – radiator with water wetter, trans, diff
– Hawk DTC-60 Race Pads
– Carpet on had (not in car currently)

Car has been babied and tracked/canyon’d once a month. Oil changed every other track day. New hubs, New brake pads, newly aligned.

Want to get out of this car to get a C5z donor for Spec Corvette. This car is fast – and capable of even more. It’s turn key for putting down the fastest lap times on any track day.

C6 Corvette Z06 Track Car Engine

He also included a pair of in-car track videos along with the images here and many more that you can see in the sale thread.

Track Beast

If you are looking for a Corvette Z06 to serve as a dedicated track car, this is the machine for you. It is street legal and passed California emission testing, but let’s be honest; this car is gutted and few people are going to want to drive a gutted car on the street with any regularity. However, as track cars go, there is no question that this C6 is the real deal.

C6 Corvette Z06 Track Car Dash

Of course, the aerodynamics package is a bit much for most people in terms of a street car, but the bottom line with this Corvette is that it is a track beast that can be driven on the street, even in areas with strict emission laws. However, putting street-worthiness aside, this Z06 is a badass machine. From the engine to the suspension to the weight reduction, this Chevy supercar has been modified to dominate at the track and as the videos below show, it does just that.

C6 Corvette Z06 High Front

This Corvette is listed for $42,749, but the OP will consider offers. That is not a small chunk of change for a track car, but for someone who wants a C6 Z06 that can set lap records on the track and be driven on the road, this might be a dream car.

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