Fastest Corvette in the World Boasts 1,700 HP & Bald Eagles

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There are few things a 1,700-horsepower C5 Corvette can’t do, and hitting a conservative 229 mph on a runway isn’t one of them.

Is there such a thing as too much power? Some Corvette Forum members will argue that there is, and some will say that there most certainly is not. In the end, it all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your ‘Vette, we suppose.

If you’re looking to go extremely fast on a straight line, you might want to buddy-up with the owner of this mental C5 Corvette. Now, we feature many, many fast Corvettes for your viewing pleasure, but not many that can break the 200 mph mark in a half-mile distance, let alone a whopping 229 mph.

Corvette C5

This footage by 1320video brings us one of the baddest ‘Vettes we’ve seen in a very long time. It can be witnessed crushing its opponents without mercy. The team behind this monster build is LsXperts, and judging by the short introduction of the powerplant, we can deduct that they certainly know what they’re doing.

The owner/driver goes on to say that the package puts down 1,700 horsepower at the wheels while running on 36 psi of boost, although that figure could skyrocket at 40 psi. He admits to being relatively cautious when it comes to dyno runs, as with a beast that powerful things could easily go downhill. Needless to say, a ton of time, effort and money have into this lovely C5 Corvette.
Turn the volume up and enjoy the show!

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