Classic Corvette or C7? Father and Son Story Fuels Debate

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Honestly, I’m not sure who comes out as the bigger winner here.

Clearly, there’s no real loser when a father decides to give his son his ’73 Stingray because he’s buying a 2016 C7. But it does make you consider which of the two has gotten the sweeter deal, as highlighted in a report by The Daily Independent.

It’s something that we find ourselves arguing about often here at Corvette Forum, a debate which essentially boils down to this: if given the option, would you pick a classic Corvette or a new C7?


The classic ’73 Vette in this story had 160,000 miles on the odometer when Tom Hall gave it to his son, Don, as a gift.  And while the car looks like it’s in pretty good condition, I’m fairly certain it’s no match to the condition of an all-new C7.

Still, considering that Don owns a Chevrolet Dealership that likely gives him access to a few new Corvettes, it’s clear that he’s hit the jackpot by landing the keys to a ’73 Stingray as well.

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Via [The Daily Independent]

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