Father of the Year Teaches Daughter How to do Donuts in a C6 Corvette Convertible

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C6 Corvette Convertible Donuts

Most parents take a conservative approach to driver training. They’ll often espouse slow and steady driving habits while their children suffer behind the wheel of the gutless family beater. It is likely you were taught to drive this way, and once you got your license, you eschewed your conservative training for heavy-footed behavior.

But what if driver training were conducted in a Corvette, and what if the training involved learning how to do donuts? That’s the type of driver training we all wish we had gotten.

Check out the video below to see how one young lady was lucky enough to have a dad crazy enough to teach her how to do donuts in his C6 Corvette Convertible. We think this dad deserves to be nominated father of the year for being so cool. Don’t you agree, or are you someone who believes that speed kills, and that this father was grossly negligent by encouraging reckless driving? We’re ready for your verbal battle in the comments or on our forum.


via [MotorAuthority and Dona Pia]

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