Rumors, Destruction, Sacrilege: Top 7 Corvette Forum Posts of 2017

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Totaled Corvette Forum Member's Car

The fever pitch of rumors, damage done, and some blasphemy all kept 2017 exciting for fans of Chevrolet’s flagship.

With the return of the ZR1 and rumors of a true mid-engine Corvette seeming far more viable, 2017 has been as exciting as it’s been eventful. Some of the things that grabbed our attention over the last year were shocking, but overall it was a good year to be a Corvette fan.

Out of the many great moments from 2017, we pulled together seven that were not only the most popular but the most memorable. Here’s to a spectacular 2018! Perhaps this year will finally bring the world the mid-engine model the godfather of the Corvette, Zora Arkus-Duntov, always wanted.

#1: One-Inch Crack Totals New Grand-Sport

This Corvette is toast after this superficial looking damage.

It’s not often that such an insignificant-looking scuff causes enough damage to total a brand-new Corvette. In one of the more closely watched, and no doubt cringed at, moments of 2017 Corvette Forum member “cdm85-251” found out the true cost of road debrisPossibly a rock, but definitely something hard, was tossed up by a vehicle in front of him while he drove down a crowded freeway. His insurance company totaled the Grand Sport because of a crack on a non-serviceable part of the underbody.

#2 Elderly Driver Accidentally Parks Ford Fusion Atop Corvette

Yes, it’s as bad as it looks. Extensive damage was done to the 1959 Corvette when a Ford Fusion parked on it. Though initially thought to be the actions of a jealous wife, the sad story was that of an older woman who hit the gas instead of the brake. Whatever the reason, the C1 ‘Vette took a beating.

#3 Dealership Leaks First Look at Mid-Engine Corvette Body Work

Vette Fenders

An enthusiastic GM dealership salesman brought us a tantalizing look at a pair of fenders. The fenders are allegedly for the forthcoming mid-engine Corvette that Zora always wanted. The salesman claims they hinge up with the rear hatch, giving ample access to the engine that will sit behind the driver and passenger seats.

#4 Motor Trend Says Camaro Is Better than Corvette

Corvette Grand Sport

The heathens at Motor Trend had the gall to place the Camaro ahead of the Corvette. All joking aside, they made a few good points, namely that the Performance Traction Management System was only available in Track mode. Their on-call racing driver, Randy Pobst, enjoyed it more in Sport mode with all the electronic nannies turned off. Jonny Lieberman, video personality and content creator, explained that although Pobst did better in Sport, the average or above-average driver wouldn’t be able to extract the same performance out of the ‘Vette.

#5 2018 Corvette Has a Few Extra Surprises

The 2018 Corvette includes a few neat little details, from a Mobil 1 oil cap with accompanying sticker (indicating your preference for use in the engine), to a warning about excessive noise during low-speed turns.

#6 2018 Corvette ZR1 Convertible Test Mule Spotted in the Wild

ZR1 Convertibe LAAS

Back in June we were chomping at the bit for more details of the ZR1 Convertible. At the reveal we were overjoyed to report that the ZR1 Convertible did not disappoint. Especially not in orange.

#7 Three C8 Corvette Engines Revealed in Leaked Analyst Document

Mid-Engined Corvette

There’s talk of turbochargers, two distinct variants of Corvette, and “maximum output” of 850 hp and 720 lb-ft of torque. Many speculated that this is definitive proof of a mid-engine Corvette. We won’t know until one appears in all its European exotic-slaying glory. What we do know, is the next generation ‘Vette is bringing the fight to Dodge and their portly-but-powerful Hellcat.

Austin Lott is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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