Did Ferrari Steal the Corvette C7 Z06’s Design?

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F12 Corvette

Ferrari just announced a new version of its F12 called the F12tdf (yeah, I think it’s a stupid name too) and Corvette Forum member millpond started a thread to talk about something he found interesting with the new car. Namely, he thinks it looks a lot like a Corvette C7 Z06, and a lot of other members are agreeing with him.

And I’m not sure if he is right or wrong.

Let’s start with some obvious things. Firstly, the original F12 came out a year before the new C7, so if you had to say one car was based on the other, it would have to be the Corvette was based on the Fezza. Problem is, though, that both cars would have been in development for years, and I doubt Chevy could have made drastic changes to the visual shape of the C7 in that time.

But this is not about the F12 and the C7, its about the new F12tdf and the Z06, for which the Zo6 was out first.

Looking at the F12, the most obvious things that seem to ape the most powerful Corvette include the new vents over the rear wheels and the random black cladding over the car’s front fenders. Why would Ferrari make those design touches? I can see the rear vents to help cool the transaxle, but why the black on the fenders?

Before the arguments about general shape and headlights get going, I am, going to say that most new sports cars of this type look very similar, simply due to aerodynamics. The shapes in profile are indeed similar thanks to the properties of downforce and drag.

So, in the end the only thing I can come up with is that the C7 stole from the F12, and then the new F12tdr stole back from the Z06. What do you guys think? Hit the poll below and let your thoughts be heard. Who did it first, and who is stealing design ideas from whom?

Which Design Came First: F12tdf or C7 Z06?

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