A Fine Young Lad Would Like to Borrow Your Corvette for Prom

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Here at Corvette Forum, we try to bring out positivity and good vibes. We’ve made valiant efforts to support the St. Jude’s charity, and we do all we can to help. But this request is a bit… different. This one is a bit more personal, as one of our forum members could really use a helping hand.

ChaseHendrickson recently made a call to fellow forum members hoping to borrow a new Corvette for prom. It may seem a bit outlandish, but the use of a Corvette while in high school will undoubtedly provide many years of memories, as you can see by some of the posts in the thread.

If it were me, I’d give the kid a chance. I’m sure there are many other days to have a Corvette cooped up inside of a garage, and what better way to leave a life-long impression for a future Corvette enthusiast? Chances are, if someone is kind enough to lend out a Corvette to this young man, you’ll find a life-long friend as well. So what do you say? Can you give him a chance?

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