The Finger Flies in This C7 Corvette vs GT500 Race

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No matter how many times their positions flip-flop, the rivalry between Ford and Chevy will remain until the world ends in a fiery apocalyptic doom… most likely caused by Ford fans! But until that day comes, the duels we get to witness will live on. This one though is an interesting one, and definitely has a funny conclusion.

Here we have  supercharged C7 Corvette going head to head against a Mustang GT500 with full bolt-ons. Each are putting down quite a bit of power, but the Corvette has the weight advantage. The Corvette also has the advantage of the new 8-speed gearbox, which, I personally can tell you, is a revelation. It’s so good that you’d really be hard pressed to come up with a warranted complaint. And no, “because it doesn’t have a third pedal” isn’t a valid complaint.

I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s worth staying till the very end of the video to see a very upset Ford fan.

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