Fire-salvaged C7 LT1 V8 Offers Interesting Engine Swap Opportunity

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C7 Corvette LT1

C7 Corvette engine survived the flames of a car fire, but is it still a salvageable, viable option?

GM’s LS has quickly become the hottest engine swap candidate in the world of hot rodding. And there’s no mystery as to why that is. The LS family of engines are lightweight, small in size, and capable of making tremendous power cheaply, reliably, and easily. Thus, you’ll find these motors in everything from Miatas to hot rods these days. But if you’re looking for something a little more exotic, how about this slightly fire-damaged LT1 V8 from a C7 Corvette?

The newish Corvette mill popped up on Craigslist recently, where it’s listed at the bargain basement price of $7k. For that small outlay of cash, you get the whole shebang, including the ECM, intake, exhaust, water pump, motor mounts, and manifolds. And, of course, the damaged wiring, which may or may not be usable. But if it isn’t, no worries, because there are plenty of aftermarket/junkyard options available.

C7 Corvette LT1

It’s worth noting that a new LT1 crate engine retails for a sneeze under $10,000, and that’s without an ECU or any sort of wiring solution. Though, that extra three grand does net you a powertrain that hasn’t been given the firebrand treatment.

That said, the possibilities here, of course, are endless. These new LT1s are fantastic engines, using modern tech like direct injection, active fuel management, continuously variable valve timing, and an advanced combustion system designed to deliver max power while using minimal fuel. In stock form, they crank out 455 hp and 460 lb-ft of torque while also returning up to 29 mpg.

Personally, we’d love to take this motor and plug it in a plastic-bumpered C3 Corvette for the ultimate budget toy. Then, we’d spend a little more cash on the suspension and take it autocrossing on the weekends. But we want to know, what would you use it for? A restomod rebuild, salvage C7 redo, or maybe a boat anchor? Let us know in the comments below!

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