First 2015 Z06 Run at Royal Purple (Plus Burnout)

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2015 c7 stingray burnout

With the new 2015 Z06s being delivered on the daily, we’re starting to see some videos of everyone playing with their new toys, and gosh darnit, if it isn’t beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

The vid below, featuring the first 2015 C7 Z06 Corvette to hit the Royal Purple Raceway drag strip, has certainly got us in the Christmas spirit. In fact, the giving doesn’t stop at just the 11.7-second, 120.5-mph run, but it also keeps on giving with a saucy little burnout to boot.

Before you go saying “we shouldn’t have,” keep in mind, as more and more folks pick up their new Corvettes, we’ll be getting more and more stoke-worthy quarter-mile vids. And hopefully with some better times. Not that an 11.7 with a manual isn’t worthy, but it’s certainly not the 11.2-second official time Chevy quoted, either, and a far cry from the 10.95-second eight-speed automatic time.

But hey, it’s early in the game. And if we’re to trust HorsepowerPhotos‘ YouTube description, it was the driver’s first pass. And hot damn if that Z06 doesn’t look ready for racing. Heck, even the driver has racing stripes in his hair.

No wonder so many valet guys are hoping to “park” one soon.

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