First C7 Corvette in the 8s: 8.84 @ 160 MPH!

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It seems like every other week we’re posting about another C7 record broken by Late Model Racecraft. And once again we have another world record run to talk about.

We’ve all seen LMR’s red Z06 hit 9s in the quarter mile, and now they’ve pushed the envelope even further by getting a C7 Corvette into the 8s! 8.84 at 160 MPH, to be exact.

Details are thin, as all we have is the¬†very short video¬†below of a C7 sitting on slicks, hooking up, and disappearing down the dragstrip. That’s followed by the requisite whoops and hollers of a jubilant crowd of onlookers, who doubtlessly spent many long nights building this car into what it is today.

The YouTube comments are clamoring for more details. LMR has recently uploaded many videos of a white C7 to their channel, but the videos could be of several different cars.

If it’s the same car seen in this video, we know that it’s running a ProCharger setup and little else. It’s clear that mounting drag slicks on the rear helped the car hook up, and it’s almost certain that the drivetrain has been beefed up substantially to handle the stress. Hopefully, LMR will release the full specs soon.

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