First C7 Corvette Press Kit Raises $4,300 for Charity

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First C7 Corvette Press Kit Raises $4,300 for Charity

How appropriate!

Guess who made the winning bid for the first press kit for the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray being auctioned off by General Motors to raise money for the American Cancer Society?

The Chamber of Commerce in Bowling Green, Ky., where the new car will be assembled, placed the high bid of $4,300 for the press kit after an auction on eBay this week.

?The Corvette is part of our DNA in Bowling Green,? said Ron Bunch, chamber president and CEO. ?We’re internationally known for this icon of the automotive world, and we’re excited to be owners of the first press kit.”

In all, 2,014 press kits were assembled for the media and invited guests and given out after the C7 was unveiled to the public on Jan. 13. Chevrolet kept the No. 1 kit for the auction.

Not only was it the first kit produced, the box also features autographs from key folks like Corvette chief engineer Tadge Jeuchter, GM design chief Ed Welburn, GM North America CEO Mark Reuss, and GM product development chief Mary Barra.

Included in the impressively produced kit are a color booklet detailing the Corvette Stingray, a USB flash drive with press release and photo files, and a desk paperweight with the Stingray emblem.

Chamber officials plan to show off the press kit at their office, which is just five miles west of the Corvette assembly plant and the National Corvette Museum.


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