First 2019 Corvette ZR1 Hits the Dyno with Incredible Results!

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The new LT5 V8 only loses about 11% of its power on the way to the unique ZR1 wheels.

YouTuber Street Speed 717 recently took his 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 to a dyno shop. The goal? To see how much power it sends to the wheels in stock form, of course. As you might imagine, the results were pretty solid, with the LT5 sending more than 660 horsepower to the rear wheels via the 7-speed manual gearbox.

Street Speed 717’s ZR1

The video begins with the host of the Street Speed 717 YouTube channel, Mike, talking about his 2019 Corvette ZR1. He explains that weather has prevented him from enjoying the car since taking delivery of it, so he only has around 100 miles on it when the video begins. Though, after the 150-mile drive to Race Proven Motorsports (RPM), the C7 ZR1’s odometer reads around 250 miles. That is well below the 500-mile break-in period and he expects that the numbers will be a bit lower than expected due to the fact that the LT5 engine is still so fresh.

After letting us hear the C7 ZR1 cold start, the host heads off to the dyno shop. Along the way, talking about the car as he drives in the first nice weather that he had experienced since getting the new Corvette. When he arrives to RPM, he takes a moment to wash the car before rolling it onto the shop dyno. Gotta have it new and shiny for the cameras.

2019 Corvette ZR1 on the Dyno

Once the new ZR1 is loaded onto the dyno, the guys in the shop all take guesses as to how much wheel horsepower the newest supercharged Corvette will make. The video host guessed 670 early on in the clip and later on, he clarified that to 668. Guesses in the shop ranged from 669 up to 685, with a humorous guess of 900 thrown in as well.

Once the guesses were recorded, it was time for the new Corvette ZR1 to stretch its legs on the dyno.

The Dyno Runs

Street Speed 717’s new Corvette ZR1 makes three runs on the dyno and on the first, it laid down 664 horsepower and 637 lb-ft of torque. On the second run, things improve a bit to 668 horsepower and on the third run, it made 664 once again.

We are bound to see higher numbers as C7 ZR1 owners break them in a bit and hit dynos in their area, but for the time being, we have the first baseline numbers for a new ZR1 with the manual transmission.  With more than 660 wheel horsepower in stock form the LT5 might be a bit underrated. Good news indeed for GM fans around the globe.

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