The Tennessean Takes on Corvette Experience at NCM Motorsports Park

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Intimidation shouldn’t stop you from making the Corvette Experience a bucket-list item.

For Corvette owners, power is non-confrontational. Enough time has been spent with a mighty V8 that the rush from the throttle is simply a common practice. However, as fine as we are with these elevated levels of performance, there’s still folks out there who would rather say “no thanks” than delve into the sensation of speed.

Tennessean columnist, Tom Adkinson is one of those people who recently partook in the Corvette Experience for the first time, and he seemed really excited, and a bit nervous about the whole thing. Although he’d passed it many times as a resident of Tennessee, he’d never taken the opportunity to drive on track with the newest and latest models. That was all about to change.

NCM’s Motorsport Park offers the Corvette Experience in conjunction with museum activities, although the on-track part is a full day of dedicated fun. Classroom sessions, and on-track sessions with a brand new Corvette give anyone a taste of the things we have already been enjoying for years in a safe and controlled environment.

Corvette C7

Adkinson appreciated the tutorial classroom sessions, and admired that classroom instructor John Spencer not only taught the right stuff behind the wheel, but was also instrumental in the Corvettes design as well.


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Anyone’s first time out on track can be a rush of information through the brain. Attempting to remember the meaning of each flag, which direction the course goes, and computing all of that while trying to keep a new Corvette shiny-side-up can be a bit much for some, but after the first session, the smiles start. Soon to follow is “when do we go back on track?”

To further amaze first time visitors, the personal tours will have you revel in the knowledge of the tour guides, and let’s be honest, they can put most of us to shame as well. But that’s why we love the National Corvette Museum, and the Motorsports Park. Not only is it a fun trip for the already-established enthusiast, but it’ll easily convince newbies that Corvettes are America’s sports car for a good reason.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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