Five Tips for Taking it to the Track 3

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cftrack3.JPGChannel Your Inner Boy Scout

Yup, that means being prepared. If everything is is up-to-date, the chances of something going wrong
should be minimal. But brakes get hot, rotors crack, and pads
wear out.

Sometimes brake fluid might even boil up through the master
cylinder. So I carry a ?brake job in a bag.? All the tools I need to swap
pads?including the pads themselves!?along with a vacuum pump for bleeding, are
in there.

An accurate tire pressure gauge is also essential, as
heat causes increased tire pressures that may need to be bled off. Most
tracks and autocross clubs have a pump for refilling, but I bring an
electric one?just in case.

And if it’s over 100 degrees and everyone is getting six runs, remember to spray down the tires or they?ll wear out super-quick.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Nut Behind the Wheel                >>>>

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