Five Tips for Taking it to the Track 4

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cftrack-4.jpgDon’t Forget the Nut Behind the Wheel

You are the car’s most important component. So while excitement may make
it tough, get plenty of rest the night before. It sounds boring, but
don’t forget sunscreen, and bring a cooler full of water. When you’re baking in the sun, you’ll thank me.

clubs may have loaner helmets, which are the equivalent of bowling alley
shoes for your head. Just go buy your own, and make sure it meets the
safety requirements of your class and sanctioning body. Double check the
rules for any clothing that’s required on track.

Also grab a
lawn chair or two, since plenty of pit areas are short on seating. Make
yourself comfortable enough, and by the end of the day, it’ll be
impossible to wipe the huge grin off your face.

Tip #5: And Finally, the Most Important Part                   >>>>

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