Five Tips for Taking it to the Track 5

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cftrack5.jpgThe Most Important Thing is to Have Fun

Check your ego, don’t get discouraged , and remember why you’re doing this in the first place.

last in novice class is nothing to be ashamed of. So what if your
finger is tired from giving point bys to the kid in the clapped-out
Daewoo? Most people will never set foot on a racetrack, let alone lap
one. Don’t let initial frustrations sour you to the point that you never
go back. 

My first day at the SCCA Solo Nationals was horrid, and my second day wasn’t much better?I came in 42nd out of 43 cars. But this artwork, courtesy of my buddy “Lord” David Alarcon, helped put things in
perspective. And instead of swearing off autocrossing I now consider
myself a proud member of Team DFL, which either stands for “Dead F’n Last” or “Down For Life,” depending on how it goes at the track!

Stay tuned for updates from my adventures this season…

Veterans, how
was your first track day or autocross experience? Think I  left something out?  Let me know on the Forum!

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