‘Flawless’ New Leather C5 Corvette Dash Prompts Fit of Joy

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C5 Torch Red dash

You know that special kind of fevered excitement that children get when they get exactly what they asked for on Christmas morning? How would you like to see a grown man act just like that when he receives a new dash for his Corvette? Corvette Forum member sfc rick ordered a new leather-wrapped dash from Dennis over at Double D Mods, and he was so impressed with the look and quality of the thing that he had to record the video below, just to show the world.

Of all the things sfc rick loves about the dash, the stitching and the red color of the real Napa leather seem to be the most important factors. Or in his words: “Leather — not vinyl, not plastic — leeeaaaatttthhhher.”

The quality does look great, and the C5 could probably use an extra dose of interior upgrades. If I had a C5, this would definitely be on my upgrade list.

Head over to the thread to talk about the new dash with Rick, and if you are interested in ordering one for your C5, Dennis has been hanging around in the thread as well.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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