Forbes: 2011 Corvette a Top 10 New Car Deal for July

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forbes.jpgThe writers at Forbes obviously know a good investment when they see one. In their list of ?Top 10 New Car Deals for July?, Forbes looks at the best deals and incentives offered by the automakers, specifically the direct-to-consumer cash rebates, discounted financing promotions and marketing-support incentives which are additional dealer discounts. With the 2012 Corvette on the way, Chevy wants to move the 2011s and Forbes took notice of the sweet deal on America’s favorite sports car.

Chevy actually had three vehicles on the list: The 2011 Avalanche pick up, the 2011 Impala and the 2011 Corvette. Here’s what Forbes said about the offers and rebates for the Corvette:

Deal: $3,000 additional dealer discount and 1.9 percent financing to 60 months, 2.9 percent to 72 months. Both coupe and convertible versions of this world-class sports car ? and that includes the super-fast 638-horsepower ZR1 model ? carry sizable rebates this month, with plenty of fine weather ahead to race the sun to the horizon. God bless American muscle.

We’re glad Forbes likes the current deal from a straight dollar and cents perspective, but we also would like to remind perspective buyers of these other attributes as well: Corvettes rank at the top in owner satisfaction and magazine surveys including Consumer Reports, they have a great resale value, they get great gas mileage and summing it all up, they’re just fun to drive.

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