Forgiato Introduces New Active Grille System for C7

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Forgiato C7 Corvette with Active Grille

The team at Forgiato has pulled off a pretty cool custom feature for the C7, even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of the company’s wide-body kits for Corvettes.

The Active Grille System, available for both 2014 and 2015 Stingray models, diverts airflow away from the engine compartment to help reduce the car’s lift and drag.

The system uses throttle position to determine the amount of airflow through the grille and has three modes of operation including an Active Mode, a Demo Mode that demonstrates the functionality of the system, and an Off Mode.

Forgiato doesn’t provide any specific numbers on how much the system actually reduces the C7’s drag, but it certainly is a treat to see the thing at work.

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