Former GM Exec Predicts Hybrid C8 Corvette Option

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The speculation is mounting that the much-discussed plan for a mid-engine Corvette isn’t the only thing in the works over at General Motors.

Former GM head Bob Lutz predicts that the eighth-generation Corvette will get a plug-in hybrid option as well. According to Green Car Reports, the longtime auto guru also believes that there will be a longer development period for the next-gen ‘Vette, in order to give the GM team the extra time needed to engineer the alternative powertrain.

Of course, it’s not the first time there have been rumors of a hybrid-powered Corvette in the works. The speculations really picked up steam when Cadillac rolled out the now discontinued ELR Coupe back in 2013.

Lutz expects that the hybrid Corvette will offer 10 – 15 miles worth of plug-in electric capability, thanks to a lithium-ion battery. Keep in mind, he’s referring purely to the car’s EV range and not the vehicle’s full driving range using the combustion engine. However, you still find yourself asking if there really is a market for a hybrid Corvette, even in a new mid-engine model.

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