Formula Drift Driver Matt Field Sustains Injuries in Corvette Crash

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Went into the wall pretty hard during practice. Couldn’t see during transition. The car will be okay, and I am pretty sore, but will be okay as well. Car will be ready for tomorrow 💪🏻

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Fortunately, the damage minor enough for his Corvette to live another day.

In case you missed it on the homepage, Formula Drift has again returned to Atlanta for the latest round of tire smoking competition. During the course of today, and tomorrow, Formula Drift’s driving talent will be duking it out in the qualifying rounds of the event.

Unfortunately, as is the case with drifting, contact is inevitable. Drifting is a contact sport, whether it’s between two drivers going head-to-head in an elimination round, or brave solo drivers giving fans what they want by smearing some paint on the walls, stuff happens. Usually, other than some smeared sponsorship decals and the occasional busted bumper or fender, it’s a non-issue.

However, reports are coming out that today during a practice run, Formula Drift driver Matt Field had a rather large accident. Field blew up in the Corvette community radar for his beautifully-executed C6 Corvette drift build. In case there were doubts, this is truly a top level build. It’s also one I personally have experienced, having ridden in it during a practice run at Formula Drift Long Beach. C6 Corvette Matt Field Formula Drift



Field was doing a practice run with fellow FD pro Forrest Wang in his Nissan S15, wringing the car out through the high speed bends of Road Atlanta. By all accounts, the run looked really solid. However, with those high speeds comes the high possibility of issues and accidents. Field approached the last corner with a ton of speed, easily in excess of 100 MPH. Field flicked his C6 from the left to the right, but the transition didn’t scrub off enough speed, and the trajectory left Field and his Corvette headed right towards the wall.

Despite the high speed wreck, Field reports that other than taking a battering in the hit, he is okay, and he will continue to run Saturday’s event. We here at Corvette Forum wish the best of luck to Field and his team.

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