Surprising Percentage of Corvette Buyers Paid in Cash

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This one definitely threw me for a loop.

The fact that a lot buyers of those super, high-end exotics pay cash doesn’t really surprise me. But I was caught a little off guard learning that 40.3 percent of Corvette buyers opt out of financing the cars with a loan (according to CarScoops).

Now, let me be clear. It’s not that I don’t think Corvette owners have that kind of disposable income. It’s just that the idea that nearly half prefer paying cash for the car is something you typically think of when it comes to vehicles like Bentleys and Ferraris.

But Experian exec Melinda Zabritski tells CarScoops it actually makes sense, given that most buyers of higher-end vehicles tend to have better credit scores, which in turn means they have more disposable income.

For example, in comparison, only 13.4 percent of Camaro buyers pay cash for their vehicles.

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Via [CarScoops]

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