Forum Member Gifts 10-Year Old Daughter Her First Corvette

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Forum member’s daughter loved her dad’s Corvette at the tender age of two. Now she has her own to work on!

For the most part, we all love our parents. They’re the folks that (hopefully) nurtured us, fed us, clothed us, and taught us most everything we know. But as we all know, parents aren’t created equally. Some of them (read:ours) made us work, save our pennies, and then go out and buy our own first car. Others, like Corvette Forum member Not4spd, went out and gifted their kid one. In this case, a freaking Corvette!

Still, this is a heartwarming story that begins way back before his now 10 year-old daughter was born.

“My wife Danielle grew up around cars helping her dad work on his various projects and entering shows. Likewise, her mother did the same with her C3. So it was only fitting when we married that her dad drove us off in his yellow 1970 convertible Hemi Cuda. To nobody’s surprise, when our daughter Jayden was born, she would be around the family’s passion of cars. At two, she did her first oil change with my wife and I. We attended several shows and had some fun.”

Shortly thereafter, the OP picked up his very first Corvette. And needless to say, his young daughter fell in love with it instantly.

“Got it home, washed it, put it back in the garage, and went to pick my two year-old daughter up. The look on her face was priceless when I opened the garage. She was jumping up and down saying, ‘Ohhh look at that!’ and ‘I want to go fast!’ Brought a huge smile to my face, just wish I had gotten it on video. I would never make that same mistake again!”


The high-mileage C4 eventually became a bit of a financial burden, so the couple was forced to sell it. Many years passed before the OP was able to finally get back behind the wheel of a Corvette. This time, an ’03 Z06 that he acquired three years ago. And then, the couple started thinking about getting something that their now 10 year-old daughter could work on and enjoy, just like they had done at that age. And their choice of make and model was obvious.

“My wife and I discussed that it was time to really start teaching our daughter how to work on a car. But it couldn’t be any car. It needed to be somewhat modern and a car we all could have fun with. Something our daughter could be proud of. A car she would put blood, sweat, and tears into like my wife and I had over the years. Something she could eventually enjoy on the weekends and sunny days after she had some driving experience under her belt.

Then I reminisced when Jayden was two and that joy my 1989 Corvette brought her. Those times we cruised with the targa top off and our adventures to Corvettes of Dallas (now called Corvette World) to look at all the Corvettes together and her pointing at various ones. Yep, a C4 was in order.”

The OP’s wife sold her beloved Foxbody Mustang to make this a reality, in fact. It took quite some time, but the couple eventually found the perfect C4 Corvette. Needless to say, the young Corvette fan was a little excited to find out what her present was.


Since then, father and daughter have been hard at work getting this old Corvette back on the road again. And you can follow along (and catch up) on this cool story and the car’s progress by heading over here!

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