Forum Member Nabs Personal Best in C6 Z06 Corvette

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NA C6Z 9.91 at 139mph

Somebody get Corvette Forum member LS7 BUD a PBR ASAP, because he just nabbed himself a new PB.

For those not in the know (okay, I had to think about it for a minute), PB stands for “personal best,” which is what Bud laid down yesterday at Toronto Motorsports Park. As you can see in the video below, in his naturally aspirated 2006 Corvette Z06, Bud just rocketed his way to personal glory and a 9.91 second run at 139 mph.

Of course Bud’s Z06 is no ordinary C6. In his thread titled, “My new PB…!,” Bud delves into some of the mods that got him there, after a little querying from the community.

“H/C/I at 12:1cr, 2″ ARH LTs with their 3″ catless xpipe and Burns stainless catback… It’s on 94 pump and a meth kit… RXT clutch with billet steel flywheel… RPM C6 diff with 3.90’s on a 26.5″ stiff wall slicks…,” writes Bud.

And that ellipsis goes a long way. As you’ll see in the thread, people have a lot of questions about Bud’s obviously impressive C6 Z06. And about what it took to get her into the 9’s. Not that Bud seems to mind; he’s happily answering away in the thread, and learning a thing or two from others, as well. Which should help out on his quest to get into the 8’s, where Bud hopes his PB will someday be.

But please Bud, take a second to revel in the 9’s. You earned it!

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