Forum Member Trades in Z/28 for Z06, Takes Pretty Pictures

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Last year, I drove the absolutely astonishing Camaro Z/28. It was perhaps the best car I’ve ever driven. The amount of feedback and work you have to do in that car is just straight up amazing. It’s a racing car for the road, and it feels and sounds like a racing car.

However, Chevy was not satisfied with just making the ultimate Camaro. They needed to create the ultimate Corvette, something that could beat the ultimate Camaro any day and everywhere. That’s why they built the new Corvette Z06.


Now for these two cars, we’re not talking about normal Corvette or Camaro pricing. We’re talking closer to Porsche 911 territory, and as such, these tend to be rare, and those that have them keep them. That is unless you’re Corvette Forum member itsphoenix, who originally had a white Z/28 that he traded in for a white Z06.

As you can see in the thread, and in the gallery below, both cars are absolutely gorgeous. But after driving the Z/28, I can’t imagine anything being better. So I guess it’s about high time I drive a Z06.

Congrats itsphoenix, you’ve got great taste in cars. Can we be friends?

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