Forum Thread Theater: How do You Close Your Corvette’s Door?

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In the interest of trying out new content, the automotive content team has decided to test what we are calling Forum Thread Theater, where we select a very entertaining thread from Corvette Forum and read it out loud. We hope you enjoy our first video, which is not intended to poke fun at our valued community, but instead intended to show the world how much fun Corvette enthusiasts can have when they get together in the number one Corvette forum. Please let us know what you think and if you’d like to see us recreate more threads. If you know of any threads you’d like to us consider, send a message to us in this forum thread

Warning: What you are about to watch is not fiction. It is a reenactment of an actual Corvette Forum thread, originally posted on June 20, 2016, as How do you close your door? Enjoy! is the number one online resource for Corvette owners and enthusiasts who want to chat or learn how to repair and maintain their Corvettes.

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