Four-Year-Old Corvette Drifter Feels the Need for Speed

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A life-long love of Corvettes doesn’t take long to take hold. Just ask four-year-old Lila Kalis.

Lila, who we covered here at Corvette Forum a while back, is the young driving sensation who took the internet by storm while showcasing her drifting maneuvers in a few mini Corvettes. Now she’s got a new YouTube compilation (shown below) displaying a few more impressive stunts. Since being posted on May 2, the video has already racked up more than 225,000 views.

Although Lila’s fleet of cars aren’t all Corvettes, one of her biggest showstoppers is a mini-scaled C7 called Red
Dragon, one of four ‘Vettes she drives. Lila’s dad, legendary skateboarder Josh Kalis, did some serious modifications to the car, including swapping out the 24-volt battery for a 36-volt, changing the pedals, adding a lead weight to improve the car’s balance, and putting in real brake rotors with two hydraulic calipers.

Total investment, car and all? About $2,500. But it certainly seems worth it, as Lila obviously loves it. Plus, she earned the respect of many a good wheel man, including pro driver Bucky Lasek, who is featured in the clip as well.

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