What if Your Friend Wrecked Your Corvette?

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A friend crashed this owner's classic C2 Corvette.

Look at the bright side if the unthinkable happens after you loan out your classic Corvette.

We tend to become very protective of our Corvettes. We work hard for them, and we do our best to keep them looking at running and best we can. As Corvette owners, one of our greatest fears is having something happen to our Corvette. Theft, vandalism, a crash, losing a race to a Volkswagen – these are the thoughts that keep us up at night.

Unfortunately, CorvetteForum member Powderboy had the unthinkable happen. When he loaned his minty C2 Corvette convertible to his friend while he was out of town, his friend got in a nasty wreck and severely damaged his beloved Corvette.

A friend crashed this owner's classic C2 Corvette.

Thankfully, Powderboy’s friend is okay, and the Corvette is repairable. He has a good attitude about it, comically titling the thread “Hey, what are friends for?” Apparently, his friend helped out a lot with the restoration of the car and was honest about how the accident happened, which helped. When he powershifted into second gear, the back end of the car came around, and the rest was history.

A friend crashed this owner's classic C2 Corvette.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having wrecked your best friend’s Corvette, total honestly is the key to moving forward. Nothing will soften that blow, trust us.

Powderboy’s Marina Blue 1966 roadster is an original small-block car, but he’s always liked the look of the big-block cars. Since the car will need substantial bodywork and a full repaint anyway, he plans on adding the hood, side pipes, and badges to his car.

A friend crashed this owner's classic C2 Corvette.

While we’re not 100% sure about big-block badges on a small-black car, we can totally get behind everything else he wants to do. Finding a bright side to a disaster and building the Corvette of his dreams will be a nice ending to the story. We’re sure he faces many long nights in the garage with his friend at his side.

Follow his progress on our forum!

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