Friendly Fire – Corvette Beats the British, Again

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Covette beats Jaguar and Aston Martin at Goodwood Home

Goodwood House is hallowed ground for British beef like the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S and Jaguar F-TYPE V8 S, so when some Yankee like the Corvette Stingray journeys across the pond to slaughter those mighty British sports cars on the famous Hillclimb course, there is some insult added to the injury: the London fog darkens – stiff upper lips begin to quiver – the Queen sheds a tear.

Driving the three cars up the course, and probably committing some form of  treason by allowing the Corvette to beat the Aston and Jag, is racing driver Anthony Reid; a former Goodwood Festival of Speed champion who is well-equipped to get all three cars up the wet track without bashing into the trees and fearless sheep that line the course.

By reading this, you already know the Corvette beat its higher-powered competitors, but that’s not a spoiler. The Jaguar and Aston Martin have 28 and 105 more horsepower than the Corvette, respectively, so the margin by which the Corvette comes ahead is quite impressive.

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