From Basket Case to Show Car, 1960 Corvette Gets Second Chance

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From Basket Case to Show Car, This 1960 Corvette Gets A Second Chance

Talk about your extremes. Elsewhere on this website, you have read about one-owner 1960 Corvettes that are as stock and original as they come. Then we have this 1960 model owned by Gary Kuck, which has been transformed from a basket case with no engine and a mangled front clip into a wild one-of-a-kind custom.

Kuck’s creation started with a custom full-tube frame with modern Corvette components and Air Ride Technologies ShockWaves air shocks.

The fun continues in the engine compartment with an LS1 power plant and six-speed that makes the car drive “like a banshee,”? according to the owner. “It goes brutally fast. It stops on a dime. It corners. It does it all well!”

Outside, the jet black body was turned into a true windowless, topless roadster, with the front end lowered 1? inches to create a more aggressive look.

Inside, the Recovery Room in Plattsmouth, Nebraska took care of designing and creating custom seats, door panels, and dash inserts in saddle-toned Ultraleather.

Of course, you’d expect to see such a car from Gary, who is a two-time winner of the Great American Race and owns about 80 other hot rods, customs, muscle cars, and classics.

Boesch Hot Rod Concepts in Humphrey, Nebraska actually built this Corvette for a friend of Gary’s in 2003, but Gary’s wife Sue secretly bought the car and surprised him with it at Christmas in 2004. What a Christmas that must have been!

Check out this link for more details about this unique Corvette that has come back to life with a vengeance.


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