More Fun C6 Corvette ZR1 Drag Race Footage

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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 vs Mercedes SLS AMG vs Mercedes C63 AMG

Videos of Corvettes destroying other machines at the drag strip and race track is nothing new, but we love to watch them, so here is another one. Drag Times has lined up a pair of Mercedes-Benz cars and a lightly modified ZR1 for a pair of highly entertaining drag races.

The first race sees the Corvette line up next to an SLS AMG, and the gullwing supercar has no chance. With only 570-horsepower compared to the 720-ponies coming from the American V8, this race was over in the first two seconds. The ‘Vette takes off to a strong lead and holds it through the full kilometer.

After that embarrassing defeat, a second AMG Mercedes rolls up to the line to try and topple the menacing black Corvette. This C63 AMG has been tuned as well and is producing 700-horsepower. You would think this would make for a much more even race, but then the lights drop, and the ‘Vette launches off the line in a fury of spinning tires and smoke. By the time they cross the 1km line, the ‘Vette has pulled completely ahead of the C63.

Better luck next time guys, but everyone knows that America is king of the drag strip.

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via [DragtimesInfo]

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