Corvette Racing at 2018 Long Beach Grand Prix (Photos)

By - Corvette Racing C7.R Long Beach Grand Prix 2018

We were at Long Beach and watched Corvette racing take the win!

Last weekend’s 2018 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach has come and gone, and what a wake it has left in its path. First off, Chevrolet took home the win with Corvette dominating the field. Even better was Cadillac and Chevrolet crossing the finish line together, winning their respective classes. It was a proud moment for GM fans worldwide. If you want to watch the fantastic moment, click on this video and jump to the 17:35 mark.

However, since we were there, we’ve included an awesome photo gallery of the striking Corvette C7.R in action, shot by Jim Donnelly.

We are particularly fond of the shot showcasing the two C7.R’s on either end of the Ford GT GTLM car. Talk about putting pressure on the Ford. Additionally, if you look closely, you may notice another fun fact about both Corvette Racing C7.R car #3, and car #4. Check out the position indicators on the doors, those show what position the cars are in in their respective class. The highest number we shot said “5,” and it only dropped from there.

Racers Oliver Gavin, and Tommy Milner piloted the #4 C7.R to a first-place finish. Trailing just behind them in fourth place was the #3 car, driven by Antonio Garcia and Jan Magnussen.


‘The track was really, really tough… But, Corvette was great. Michelins were great… Just had that little bit of magic, little bit of luck, and that’s all we needed !’


“There is something about Long Beach, something about having magic here,” said Milner when asked about the first-place finish. “I don’t know what it is. We had it today. We had it last year. Whatever it is, I want to keep it.

“[It was a] really tough race today,” he continued. “The track was really, really tough with the marbles off line. Super-difficult. I almost threw it away on the last corner, last lap. Really, really tough conditions. But, Corvette was great. Michelins were great. They were super-strong right to the end. Just had that little bit of magic, little bit of luck, and that’s all we needed!”

Sounds good to us.

Long Beach

Photos for Corvette Forum by Jim Donnelley Photo

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